Andrea Diaz + Russell McBride + Manda Roy + Jason King

Arris inspires a relationship between vertical wall space and soft furniture, encouraging users to use their space to it’s full potential. Arris is a simple, yet significant addition to any home. Creating new experiences between the user and their environment while providing storage as an extension of an existing space.

The Challenge

To create an innovative piece for BoConcept, that fits within their traditions and visions of the future. It must be comfortable and interactive with both a sofa and the wall, while ‘Bridging the gap’ between these two spaces. Taking into account our design objectives, we aim to create furniture that functions on both individual and collective levels.

BoConcept Vancouver

Wood + Aluminum

The Goal

To encourage the full potential of a living space by creating a dynamic bond between the user and their environment. We want to introduce new interactions that break current boundaries and provoke creativity while transforming the viewers notions of space

Final Concept