Andrea Diaz + Serena Bircher + Genevieve Poirier

Aerie is a concept design for an oscillating bridge created to harness 
a child’s attention through challenge, excitement and kinetic movement.

For this project we partnered with BARTER Design Co., a design company based out of Vancouver BC, to challenge conventional playground designs tha are currently saturating North American schools and parks. Due to the overwhelming exposure that most youth have to technology, it is found that many children are suffering from a shortened attention span and an overall disconnect to the natural environment. Conventional playgrounds do not help with this disconnect, as their rubber mats, painted steel tubes and plastic features have little reflection or connection with our natural surroundings.

The term Aerie refers to the nest of a large bird or bird of pray, which is where the inspiration for this design comes from. We wanted to create an attraction that plays with the excitement of being up high and the sensory experience of being surrounded by sunlight and shadows.

Process + Ideation

Final Product